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I was getting crank calls to my cell phone from a number in Florida.I saw this company on the net and decided to try and find out who was calling.

When I signed up I entered the number and they could not provide me with any information on the number. For this I was charged 1.00 which was then refunded. I automatically decided I didn't want this service and sent them an email to, I never received a response but figured they would respond if it was the wrong way to do it or if they needed further info.

They NEVER responded and all of sudden I get charged a monthly fee of 18.95 for something I didn't use and cancelled the same date (they ask you cancel within 7 days but do not explain on their page how to do so) I called and although they know I emailed they said that they charged me because they could and because I didn't use their live chat or phone number they just did it.This is a fraud, please be aware and look all over these sites for the fine print.

Monetary Loss: $18.


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Response to #9: I've been scammed by many such crooked companies.There should be a law against charging without consent.

Honest companies send an email saying your trial period is almost over and you need to subscribe to continue the service.When there is no number, you can usually find company numbers through the BBB site.


March 31, 2011

I have disputed these 2 $18.95 charges with my credit card company as well as canceled the card number for any further unauthorized charges. The question is do I still need to call them and will they dispute my dispute and try to say I signed on for this abuse???

I have to fill out a report to my credit card company -a fraud info form! If they say I signed on for a dollar and did not acknowledge cancellation will they try to stick me with the rest of the tab??? Whose word will the credit card company be behind? I had to pay for vitamins I returned once as the card company recharged me and they never returned the returned vitamins. So my dispute was correct but it was there word against mine and they lied. The credit card company did not really help by standing by my dispute as they said I didn't cancel in time even though I did!

What a racket! Where and How is the consumer protected? Also, these crooked companies seem to be from UTAH! Capiche


I will have to say they have straightened up their act.Saw the 18.95 charge on my card but didn't remember subscribing ..

worse yet I didn't even which email address I had used for the $1 special.

I found the personal chat box and told the CS rep what had happened. She took my full name and returned with the email address I had used and why I had been billed, which by now I knew. I told her I wanted to cancel.

She issued a cancellation number right then and told me there would be no additional billing.

This was certainly no more difficult, and maybe easier, than other companies I have had to deal over credit card disputes


Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Ulrica'

Ulrica: Thank you for chatting with Phone Agent Source. May I know, whom am I chatting with?

you: Robert

Ulrica: Hello, how may I assist you today?

you: Phone Source keeps billing my card. They need to reimburse me and cancel my account.

Ulrica: In order to pull up your account, could you please provide me the email address you used to order our services?


Ulrica: Please wait while I check your order details in our system.

Ulrica: As per our database, you have two accounts under your email address.

Ulrica: You have been billed $1 for the special introductory trial offer. As you have not chosen to cancel within the 7 day trial period, the low monthly membership fee of $18.95 has been processed. This low monthly membership fee not only allows you to perform one more additional search per month, but also gives you access to our PC Health Solutions Anti-Spyware software, fraud alerts, information on how to protect yourself from identity theft, and rock solid advice on how to protect your reputation and financial future. For added convenience, we will automatically bill you $18.95 on a monthly basis, until you choose to cancel the membership. We offer this to you because we want you to constantly have access to our valuable services that protect your family.

you: Cancel the membership. My records show that I have been billed more frequently than once a month.

Ulrica: OK, I have cancelled your Phone Agent Source Membership effective immediately.

Ulrica: Your cancellation number is :

Ulrica: 182089

Ulrica: And 182090.

Ulrica: You have been billed $1 for the special introductory trial offer. As you have not chosen to cancel within the 7 day trial period, the low monthly membership fee of $18.95 has been processed.

Ulrica: But no need to worry, your account has been completely cancelled with us and you will not be charged in future


Let me add "me too" to the complaints on this page.Just minutes ago I found that Phone Agents charged me the $18.95 too.

I also didn't authorize this. It is Sunday so tomorrow Phone Agents will get a call from me as well as my credit card company. I used the $1.00 charge to see what they could find out about me. The info that they found could be obtained for free on or so I asked for the $1.00 refund which I got.

I didn't read anything about an $18.95 charge in the TOS and even if there was, asking for the $1 refund was supposed to tell them that I was not interested in their service. I don't often respond to emails that offer services like this with a "free trial" because they do stuff like this. This makes me even more wary of trying this kind of thing again. There are companies that offer a way to get money back from outfits like, but they may charge me $39.95 to do it because they are likely rip-offs like Phone Agents, too.

This hurts the companies that do legitimate business on line.



I went to PHONE AGENT and did a live chat to cancel my membership. It worked with minimum hassle.


By the way the BBB informed me that the company is registered as Net Soft Media

2150S 1300E Ste 500 Salt Lake, UT 84106


They got me too.I was looking for my husband's info, to see if anything negetive would show when he was applying for position.

Figured for $1 I would see what they could find. Well they found nothing. They immediately refunded the $1 fee since they were unable to find any information. 7days later they charged me 18.95 for a membership.

When I called the 800 from my credit card statement I spoke with a Rep named Ray. He had no problem with cancelling my "membership" and said they would refund 50% of the membership fee. When I told him that that wasn't acceptable, that they were unable to provide me with service I was told it was in the tos. I tried to explain to him that his company was unable to provide me with service and had refunded my funds for the trial period he went on and on about tos.

Finally I asked for a supervisor or manager I could speak with because if they were unable to provide me with services how could the possible think it was alright to charge me for it. He clearly said that my case "did not warrant" speaking with his boss. He refused to transfer to anyone other than him.

After reading the above reviews I really hope I get at least the 50% refund.And yes I reported this company to as many places as I could find including the BBB


same charged for two months at 18.95, and the initial 1$ search yielded nothing. i called the company when i found they were charging me, and they have promised a full refund...although i have now spoken to 3 different employees and each time the amount of time i'll have to wait before i see that refund becomes a little longer. i think this is definitely one for Better Business Bureau.


phone agent is a big rip off...they are true scam artists.once you sign up they make sure you can't cancel before your trial period of 7 days.

I got run around that manager was only one who could cancel and was gone for 2 days...then i couldn't get signed into their site it was a black page. i was told i needed to sign in to get phone number to call and cancel...could not cancel online.

a bunch of B.S.wish i would have read some of bad reviews first.

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