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DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!! I Came across Phone Agent Source and they claimed to give you information and a trial for only 1$ so I figured for 1$ why not. I paid the dollar and they didnt give me any of the information they claimed they would and the dollar was only forone credit to use for one informational report. So I figure I'm an *** let me cancel this thing (they say if you dont cancel within a certain number of days they start charging you the monthy fee of $18.95. Now canceling the account was the difficult part until I clicked the live chat with an agent option. I am going to copy and paste the cnversation I had below: (please don't mind all of my typose, I need a new keyboard lol :

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Kristy'

Kristy: Thank you for chatting with Phone Agent Source. May I know, whom am I chatting with?

you: my name is kate

Kristy: Hello, how may I assist you today?

you: i would like to cancel my account

Kristy: In order to pull up your account, could you please provide me the email address and phone number you used to order our services?

you: there was no phone number

you: .com rather

Kristy: Please wait while I check your order details in our system.

you: k

Kristy: May I ask, why you would like to cancel your membership with us?

you: because the tnire thing was a scam

Kristy: This is not a scam. Please let me know any questions or concerns you have about this offer.

you: well clealy I feel that it is. I'd really rather not get into it and would just ike to cancel my involvement with your website

you: hello?

Kristy: I'm sorry that you have decided to cancel your membership. I do not have the authority to cancel your account; however, my manager has now been notified of your request.

You must log into your account after 48 hours and confirm your cancellation by following the instructions that will appear in a RED OUTLINED BOX at the top of the page. Your account will not be cancelled until you take this final step.

I apologize for this delay, but this procedure is in place to ensure no cancellation is ever missed.

you: this is rediculous, there are reviews all over the internet that refer to your wbsite as a scam. I am going to cancel the credit card that I gaver you people and if this doesn't happen exactly as you just described (which sounds like completely bull) you will be hearing from my lawyer and I will contact everyone else who posted bad reviews and your company will have a class action lawsuit on their hands for fraud

Kristy: Just a moment please.

you: hello?

Kristy: Ok, I have cancelled your membership effective immediately. Your cancellation number is:

Kristy: 68511.

you: I would like a confirmation page immediately sent to my email while I wait

Kristy: You can send copy of this chat to your e-mail by clicking send to e-mail link.

you: no. after reading what have read about your website and after you claiming you did not have the authority to cance my account and then five minutes later suddenly you did, I want somethign in writing

Kristy: I have given you cancellation number .


you: or will I have to take legal action?

you: because im sure the other hundreds of people you guys scammed would love to sue you people

Kristy: Ok. We are sending you confirmation mail and you will receive it soon.

you: no, you are to send it to my EMAIL and I am going to wait here until I get it. If I dont get it within the next ten to fifteen minutes I am persueing legal actions

Kristy: Ok .Please wait.

you: It needs to say that I will not be charged anything as well

Kristy: You will not be charged further.


you: why are you dragging this out, just do the right thing and you won't get sued for fraud and I can be done with this

you: this is rediculous

you: and not further


Kristy: Please check your email. We have send the email to you.


you: the email needs to say that I will not be charged period.

you: stop playing *** please and just get this over with

Kristy: Please check your email We have send the email to you.

you: there is no email stating that I will not be charged

Kristy: Just a moment please.

Kristy: Cancellation number is the confirmation that you will not be charged further.

you: refund the dollar

you: NOW

Kristy: We apologize for the inconvenience. There was clearly some confusion with this purchase. We do not want to see our customers unhappy. We will issue a refund to the credit card you purchased from. The refund will take 5 -7 Days to show on your credit card statement.

Kristy: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

you: i am currently handling thi with my bank, you did not refnd my dollar immediately, prepare to hear frommy lawyer

you: there will be financial repurcussions, you will pay for scamming people, you can believe that

Kristy: I am sorry this is profession transaction and it will take 5 -7 Days to show on your credit card statement.

you: youve lied to me this entire conversation i believe nothing you say. I will be filing with my lawyer

you: and contacting everyone else youve scammed

Kristy: This is not a scam. Please let me know any questions or concerns you have about this offer.


Kristy: This is not a scam.

you: if you dont think its a scam then google your companys name and reviews there are tousands of people online who also say this is a scam....IM DONE WITH THIS, LET YOU SUPERIORS KNOW I WILL SEE YOUALL IN COURT

Kristy: Is there anything else I can help you with today?

you: you can rot in ***, that would help me today

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First of all: So apparently you did ZERO research on this company before flying off at the mouth about something you apparently know nothing about. Just about EVERY single person on this site said that this company charged them 19$ EVENTHOUGH they followed all of the instructions and cancelled their accounts.

***. THAT was what I was trying to avoid. Getting charged eventhough I spposedly cancelled my account. Second: I cancelled my card with my bank after this conversation and upon following it up with my bank found that they tried to charge me anyway eventhough they lied and I supposedly cancelled the account.

PROOF. Thirdly: Hysterics?

How about the *** lied to me about five different times throughout that conversation "oh I "can't" do this or that" and once I started threatening her suddenly she could magically do it. So apparently we've learned two things are either illiterate ordon't bother to read everything before you run your mouth (thus making YOU exactly what's wrong with the world, people firing off half cocked having no clue what they're actually talking about cause they couldn't take 5 minutes to educate themselves) and two, this is PISSED consumers .com ........If you're looking t read a bunch of polite *** while people try to scam others then maybe you belong on slightly annoyed and no instead.


Are we supposed to be impressed with your hysterics?? I agree with hatch...get over yourself!

I signed up; didn't get what I wanted from them, so I *gasp* FOLLOWED THE DIRECTIONS and cancelled my further charges, end of story. Trouble with too many people is, they DON'T read, they expect everything to be handed to them for free, and then when someone actually tells them well, this ain't free, baby....well...there's *** to pay, huh?

On what grounds will you SEE THEM IN COURT?? People like you are the REAL reason this country is going to *** in a handbasket; greedy, selfish, childish....


your the *** *** makeing all your threats!!!! Get a life you sue happy ***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek :cry :eek :eek :x :x :( :( :? :? :?

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