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I called the phoneagentcs and the guy said no problem I will take you off the charged acc.and everything will be o:k. what the *** happened.

I was charged 18.95 for something i did not want. what kind of outfit is this thing. they get you into their little scheme and then its hard to get your money back.

how do I get ahold of a person to get my money refunded to my credit card? what else can I say that it was a company that i wanted a listing of sex offendfers in my area.

Monetary Loss: $18.

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I am very *** off with these scam people. I went on line just to check myself out, and the charge me $1.00 at first.

them later i check my card and I was charged $3.00 then I was $18.95 this was crazy. I called them telling them this and they said after 7 days you had to cancel. I did not see this anywhere. I don't have money to give away like that.

I cancel my card because they were not going to give me my money back. :( :(

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